To ensure Cure.fit platform has enough good quality supply of partners, there was a need to follow stringent partner identification and verification process before they are onboarded onto our platform.

Currently, the entire process is managed via Zoho CRM. While this streamlines the backend process, the partner-facing experience is still broken as they get multiple communication through various touchpoints without giving a coherent onboarding flow.

Problem Statement

Improving the overall onboarding process and making it much faster and self-reliant with minimal manual processes.

Goals/Key success metrics:
  1. Reduce Turn around time(TAT) from 15-18 to 7-9 days for Fitness partners and from 7-9 to 2~3 days for Health Partners.
  2. Reduce lead management team size from 21 to 3~5 members.

About the user

Unlike our cure.fit's customer base, partners have a very different persona and very different needs from the customers. Hence, it is essential to understand them before moving on.


Deep analysis of the current process

Landing pages, multiple long forms, many manual interventions, and emails mainly framed the overall flow. Here is a detailed customer journey map with all the major user touchpoints.

Major challenges to tackle

From the detailed analysis of the flow, we scoped the problems to be solved.

  1. Help users know more about what they are getting into, more about cure.fit, and roles at cure.fit before onboarding
  2. Help users understand the overall onboarding process
  3. Help users complete the process with minimal need to contact support
  4. Speed up the process by reducing manual interventions
  5. Reduce anxiety among users during waiting periods
  6. Make sure everything is mobile compatible
Setting principles to follow
Before starting, it was essential to set some basic principles to look back at when things get complicated.
Working on challenges

Major flows and decisions are included in this case study. You can check the complete platform at Partner.fit and flow chart at Flow chart link

1. Help users know more and make a decision

It's essential to answer all the questions, and user queries to ensure they are confident about the marketplace. The fitness marketplace also relies on people's inner desire to help society and create an impact.

2. Help users understand the overall onboarding process

A lack of understanding of the process created multiple problems and anxiety among users. Thus became one of the most crucial issues to solve. It is essential to make sure the user knows the overall process and doesn't feel cheated or played with later in the process.

3. Help users complete the overall process

A long and tiring process with multiple sub-process can lead to various questions and doubts among users. To make sure people move forward with the process, it is required to answer those at the right time and help users complete it.

4. Removing all manual steps and speeding up the process

A lot of time and manual effort goes into finding the right interview slot. Multiple backs and forth's between the panel and the candidate delays the overall process.

5. Helping users understand their candidature state and reduce anxiety among them

Many tickets were from confused users who had no idea of their status or needed to do something. If there is a waiting period, how long might it be, if their candidature is closed, or something else?

6. Make sure everything is Mobile compatible

50% percent of users were using mobile devices earlier across different roles; thus, the portal needed to be mobile-friendly.

The Launch

After a few months of development, Partner.fit finally launched in December 2020 and currently live at https://partner.cure.fit/

What went well

We met all the goals in a month of launch. More data is being collected to make incremental improvements and make the experience even better.

Key Learnings
Exposure to frontend devlopment is very handy while helping engineers develop a design

As designers, it's our responsibility to work to make sure designs are correctly shipped. With some minimal knowledge of HTML CSS it becomes convenient to share your ideas and make sure they are correctly implemented.

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