I joined Cure.fit as a product design intern for summers 2019; this was the second time I was working with Cure.fit. After many thoughts and discussions with several people, I made up my mind to work again with Cure.fit. I joined the HQ on 10th May 2019 at the same place, the same feel, and the same environment with some new people.

Problem Statement

Solving for increasing user engagement and revenue generated per user by expanding Fitclub to Cult/Mind. Measuring success in terms of classes attended per user, per month.

Success criteria in short term and long term

  • Short term -> Activity should substantially improve y% classes attended per month. This should go to x%
  • Long term -> Incremental retention revenue should be greater than the burn

Guard rails

  • Quantitatively, product rating shouldn’t be impacted.
  • Qualitatively, core benefit should be positioned as fitness. Rewards shouldn’t take the center stage

Understanding the system

Cure.fit has its ecosystem where every element and feature has its value. Understanding the overall system was the first and most important step to contribute correctly.

Understanding Fitclub V1: As part of FitClub's philosophy, we want to make health activities rewarding. I majorly worked on expanding loyalty program fitclub from eat.fit to all the verticals of cure.fit. With the current fitclub (loyalty program), members enjoy multiple benefits on eat.fit orders like 50% fitcash (Virtual currency) return and free delivery. Now with the expansion, users will benefit from several other activities like cult classes, mind classes, etc

Defining the scope

  1. Who will get the reward?
  2. When will they get the reward?
  3. How will they get the reward?

This overall scope was defined after a number of discussions and debates over the product strategy, future goals, etc. Here are a few terms explained which affected the overall product:-

Eat.fit Members Users already using fitclub for Eat.fit orders.
  • Need upfront discount before buying
  • At moment purchases
  • Large ticket size in terms of payable amount
Cult/Mind Members
  • Book class in advance several days before.
  • Forget about the class sometimes
  • Can book a class easily with two taps. (Very low ticket size)
  • Getting out of bed and going to the cult center is the biggest task
  • Beacuse of which a lot of cancellations happen with nearly zero penalty

  1. Who will get the reward?- Every FitClub member is eligible to get the reward - this includes all Cult/Mind members, as well as users who are not members. User motivations very much different from Eat.fit users.

  2. When will they get the reward?- Eligible users will get the reward upon completing every Cult/Mind class. The reward will, however, be limited to 1 per day. (Due to business constraints)
  3. How will they get the reward?- The users will receive the reward on the app (not on the web in v1) - the reward will be variable and will be revealed. Even if the user books the class via the web and attends it, she will get the reward message - but to avail, she has to use it on the app.

Diving into scenarios and flows

After getting sure about the product and the ecosystem, it was essential to map all flows and experiences that can be looked at further design stages.


Dividing into various flows

Being a very complicated product with various journeys and user goals. It wasn’t possible to move forward with these complex charts. So I divided the overall product into various journeys according to various personas and their goals.

1. How can users discover fitclub?

There are multiple entry points in the complete application form. The user can book a class; the user must get educated about the fitclub rewards, without which the anticipation is not created.

  1. Within application
    • Home page
    • Cult Page Banner (CLP)
    • Booking flow (different approach used to avoid drop-outs here)
  2. Coorporate Messages
  3. Online advertisements
  4. Email subsciption

Every entry point will lead user to the Fitclub page


2. How can user crave for and claim rewards?

Cues at every step of class booking keep the user informed about the coming reward and become the motivating factor and prevent cancelations. The user gets rewarded after the class has been completed.

  1. Cues before attending
    • Home
    • Booking confirmation screen
    • Booked Class card | Home
    • Booked class page
  2. Reward collection after attending
    • Fitclub Page
    • Home Page

Reinforcement is essential; at the same time, it has to be ensured that it is not overdone.


3. How can user subscribe for fitclub?

Total savings and achievements are highlighted throughout the journey and user is always informed about the perks they are or can enjoy with fitclub.


Moving to details

1. How will users discover about fitclub


Discovery points will lead to fitclub page
Pre-purchase fitclub page

All non-fitclub members are directed to the fitclub page from every discovery point, where they can know every thing about fitclub and its offers and join the membership.

Post-purchase fitclub page

Fitclub membership is complimentary for every cult member. This creates a new problem of discoverability of the benefits, post-purchase fitclub page ensures proper discoverability of benefits even for cult-members through its zero states. Also, it is essential to make sure that the users can still access the services once they have purchased the pack. Two different approaches were used here.



Improving hierarchy and content segregation with every iteration, I received help from Ranganath Krishnamani with the visuals and learning how to draw UI inspiration from real-world objects.

2. How will users crave for and claim rewards?

Learning with the flow is always more effective than a single detail page or onboarding. Several nudges all over the application educate the user and generate anticipation as the reward is available only after attending the class. Users can reveal the reward from the home page or fitclub page.


Experimenting with multiple reveal interactions were fun. Initially, to further increase the anticipation, we decide to take some action to claim the reward, similar to what we do in scratch cards. Later we realized we are overdoing this, and we removed it from the interaction.



We moved forward with the reveal interaction, which requires no extra effort from the user's side. Moreover, it can't be in continuation of feedbacks as it might become a big blocker and lead to drops. We further finalized the gift concept and visuals before completing things


Once the user has claimed the reward, he can share the achievement with friends. We know 95% of gamers are socializers so leveraging that power is a must.


3. How will users renew the membership?

Like any other membership, success and adaptability is calculated by the percentage of users renewing the membership. Savings being a great motivator, is used here to keep the user informed, motivating them to keep progressing.



The Launch

After months of hard work, discussions, debates and several iterations. Fitclub V2 was finally ready to fly. On September 2nd 2019, Fitclub V2 i.e. fitclub for cult and mind, was launched with the media campaign #itpaystobefit. Suddenly whole social media was covered with #itpaystobefit; people enjoyed the experience; it may be the incentives.

Things I learned
How to leverage user motivations

There are a number of game mechanics and gamification elements, but not all work in every case. Users are motivated both intrinsically and extrinsically, but it's our job to find out which of them can be leveraged and which game mechanics are suited in the scenario. This internship has completely changed my mindset about gamification and incentivization.

Maintaining Iterations :p
You must have all your possible solutions maintained and grouped correctly for such massive projects with cross-functioning teams. It helps a lot in discussions and debates if you have all your tried solutions saved somewhere.

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