I lift everyday
And I go Super
Workouts are a part of my routine, they help me be physically fit and also stay sane while trying to get products developed.
Weekends are always
Spent with a book
I immerse myself in the knowledge-filled pages of non-fiction. However, every now and then, I find solace in the realm of fiction, allowing my mind to unwind and relax.
When I need a break
I pull my controller to slay gods or kick goals
All time favourite
God of War series
Most hours spent
Connect with me @bionic-depth80 to play some games together
Designer who loves anime
I have watched Naruto more times than I can count and now I spend time creating minimal posters around it. Here is a glimpse of Naruto minimal art series.
People matter the most
Whether it is family, friends, bussiness relationships, the people around me always had a great impact on me. I love talking to others, know their stories and get inspired.
Say Hello
I am available for freelance projects, remote work or just discussing design, feel free to ping me at